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Our organisation

Hef & Hijs Nederland specialises in the rental of a wide diversity of lifting and hoisting equipment. Our rental equipment is manufactured by leading brands, well maintained and of course always fully certified.

In addition to an extensive rental fleet, we also offer inspection, certification and testing services for your own lifting and hoisting equipment. We can also do this on site.

Fall protection promotion

Harness with lifeline and storage bag.

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Weighing equipment

view our range of weighing- &  equipment here

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What we offer you

  • Safety can always be improved

    Safety can always be improved

    Safety can always be improved. This is why we only work with qualified TCVT inspectors and each item of lifting and hoisting equipment is always cleaned, inspected, tested and re-approved in accordance with documented procedures before being released for the next rental transaction.  Read more »

  • Expertise & Skills

    Expertise & Skills

    We work with experienced, well trained and service-oriented product specialists. When we provide advice, we do so based on extensive knowledge of the latest technical possibilities, safety requirements and the applications in your sector of activity. Read more »

  • Service Support

    Service Support

    We enjoy helping you get the job done. Projects can’t be put on hold; work has to continue. Often  day and night. So we are easy to reach - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - and our staff visits you on site whenever required. Read more »

  • Speed & Flexibility

    Speed & Flexibility

    Projects often involve unplanned activities, so you need a partner that is capable of responding adequately. Motivated, fast and customer-centric. In addition , we are happy to provide customised solutions in terms of technical and process-based support and administrative work. Read more »